Say Goodbye to Wear and Tear: Invest in CUMI Australia’s Pre-Engineered Ceramic Liners

Invest in CUMI Australia’s pre-engineered ceramic liners and bid farewell to wear and tear. With expertise in various industries, CUMI customizes fabricated parts with 3D-modeled high-purity ceramic linings, ensuring a long-lasting, maintenance-free solution. Experience the tight interlocking fit that guarantees exceptional durability.

CUMI (Australia) manufacture and supply complete fabricated parts lined with pre-engineered CUMITUFF alumina ceramic liners to suit wet and dry handling applications. With CUMI’s extensive experience with pipelines, elbows, Y piece, cyclones and pump reducers across a range of industries from coal, hard rock mining, power generation, mineral processing and recycling CUMI (Australia) tailor specifically for your plant requirements.

What sets CUMI (Australia) apart from the competition is our pre-engineered high purity ceramic linings are designed with 3D modeling technology to a tight interlocking fit. This is critical to ensure a long life, maintenance free outcome. Fabricated steel casing is either mild steel, stainless steel 304, 316L or 3CR12 to the relevant standards. Internal ceramic lining thickness is determined by the duty of the application with an internal ID to match the upstream and downstream pipes. The external surface protection is to the customers specification, usually a three-coat epoxy-based paint. Each fabricated and ceramic lined item comes with an engineering drawing, ITP, MDR and quality documentation


CUMI (Australia) offers an extensive range of matted hex tile options in stock. CUMI-TUFF hex mat tiles allow ease of use and are versatile for complex applications. CUMI-TUFF hex tile products are an excellent choice for wear solutions with size limitations or dynamic applications, and used in conjunction with composite materials, rubber, urethane, and vacuum bonded installations. CUMI (Australia) also offer custom matted sizes and thicknesses to suit your application.

CUMI-TUFF Alumina Lined Pipes

CUMI (Australia) specializes in manufacturing and supplying complete fabricated parts with pre-engineered CUMITUFF alumina ceramic liners for wet and dry handling applications.

With expertise in various industries, we tailor solutions for pipelines, elbows, Y pieces, cyclones, and pump reducers. Our high-purity ceramic linings, designed using 3D modeling, ensure a tight interlocking fit for extended maintenance-free performance. We offer fabricated steel casing in mild steel, stainless steel 304/316L, or 3CR12, meeting relevant standards. Internal ceramic lining thickness matches application requirements, while external surface protection, usually a three-coat epoxy-based paint, meets customer specifications. Expect comprehensive engineering drawings, ITP, MDR, and quality documentation with each fabricated and ceramic-lined item.

Take Control of Wear Problems – Invest in CUMI Australia's High-Quality Ceramic Liners.