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Experience cutting-edge efficiency solutions for mining and bulk material handling with Richwood. Our trusted partnership spans over four decades, delivering expert advice and top-notch products that reduce costs and maximize productivity. Trust Richwood-engineered solutions for long-term savings, improved safety, and environmental responsibility.

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In today’s global economy, the mining and bulk material handling industries face the ongoing challenge of maintaining competitiveness. To sustain growth amidst increasing demands, it is crucial for these industries to prioritize investments in efficiency and reliability.

Richwood has been a trusted partner for over four decades, aiding in the operational efficiency of mining and bulk material handling operations worldwide. Through the provision of expert guidance, top-notch products, and services, Richwood offers effective solutions that result in long-term cost reductions for clients everywhere.

Our esteemed reputation is based on delivering reliable performance and tangible return on investment to our clients. Richwood’s success in optimizing conveyor efficiency is evident through higher productivity, reduced cost per ton, enhanced safety, and the elimination of environmental concerns associated with conveyor systems.

At Richwood, we are dedicated to building partnerships with our clients, fostering mutual respect and trust. Contact us today and let our team of experts provide you with efficiency recommendations.

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Featured Richwood Products and Solutions

Load Zones Solutions

Bulk material handling facilities face challenges in managing costs and improving efficiency. One area for optimization is the conveyor load zone, which, if improperly designed, can lead to product loss, component damage, safety hazards, and maintenance issues. 

Richwood specializes in customized load zone solutions for bulk material handling, evaluating each application to recommend cost-effective material handling per ton. Their systems range from basic belt impact protection to comprehensive material and dust containment measures.

With Richwood’s load zone systems, a tangible return on investment is guaranteed, as they consistently demonstrate optimal conveyor efficiency and measurable cost savings. Trust Richwood for reliable solutions and worry-free conveyor load zones.

Impact Saddles and Idlers

The support foundation plays a crucial role in a well-designed load zone. It should provide continuous impact protection to prevent belt damage and support the belt profile for safe material loading.
Richwood offers the original Impact Saddle with a curved trough design and UHMW wear segments, compatible with CEMA idlers. Cushion Arc and Full Arc Idlers, with their full radius design, are also used in load zones based on specific requirements. These components can be directly replaced or combined with Richwood Impact Saddles for extended load zones.

Richwood customizes solutions for each unique application, ensuring the right design and build for your needs.

Conveyor Belt Tracking

Prevent belt misalignment and tracking issues proactively with Richwood’s ON-Track® Belt Tracking Idler.
Unlike conventional training idlers that react to belt misalignment after the damage has occurred, ON-Track® prevents misalignment from happening altogether. It cradles the belt to ensure consistent travel in the correct path, maintaining equilibrium and eliminating the constant back-and-forth movement. With a smooth radius multi-roll design, it avoids damaging the belt edge and doesn’t rely on pivots or swivel bearings that can seize and cause further harm.
Solve the problem of belt misalignment before it even begins with the reliable ON-Track® solution.

Transfer Chutes & Liners

With 45+ years of experience, Richwood offers tailored solutions for bulk material handling. Our transfer chutes, designed for safety and efficiency, enhance productivity for global clients. Key features include integrated maintenance access, customizable liner packages, adaptable product flow, and ample space for belt-cleaning equipment.

Our optimized chute design ensures efficient material movement, saving time, energy, and costs. This results in minimal component wear, reduced belt downtime, and maximum product delivery.

Trust Richwood’s engineered transfer chutes for peak performance and superior results.

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